Tushar Arora

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Ninja Poke

Role: Programmer / Designer / Sound Designer
Engine: Unity3D
Development Time: 2 days
Platforms: Leap motion

This is a game made for Leap Motion device. I made this to test out its usability in gaming in different genre's of gaming. We all know the leap can replace a mouse and it would be awesome to play FPS games on it. So I wanted to check out how the feel would be. I also decided to test depth instead of just the x-y plane like a mouse. In this game you not only look around with the leap motion but you also poke a Ninja by moving your finger towards the monitor. It was very funny to see people trying to poke a ninja from that distance. The art was not done by me.


**Steam ID Required. Mouse/Touch screen + keyboard controls

Role: Producer Level Designer / Programmer / Sound Designer
Engine: Unity3D
Development Time: 3 weeks
Platforms: Microsoft Kinect + Playstation 3 - Move + Phidgets Controller
ETC - Round 5 BVW (Building Virtual Worlds) Project - Finale

This game was created for a combination of platforms. The aim of the game is simple, move the ball forward. This can be done by tilting the world (using Microsoft Kinect) or drawing meshes (using PlayStation Move Controller).

We first just made the game with the above mechanics and it was HARD. There was no way anyone on earth was finishing this game with just that. So we decided to add a "Bullet Time" mechanic so that players can slow the game down and draw comfortably.

This game made it to the BVW FALL 2012 show. The video from the BVW show- FALL 2012. The audience loved it and told us it was fun to watch.

Rafting Game

Role: Programmer/ Producer Level Designer
Engine: Unity3D
Development Time: 2 days
Platform: Eye Tracker

My department got hold of a new Input device - the Eye Tracker. So the idea was to play games with your eyes. This was a personal project I took up. We just came from a water rafting trip and I decided to make a game + video for the report. During the trip, we had people falling off rafts, boats flipping over, people getting pulled on other boats. It was such a wonderful team building activity. This game is inspired from those experiences.

The core mechanic of the game was: look at the people who fall off, to bring them back on the boat. Look at them for 3 seconds. But BEWARE, there are distractions flying around the screen.

Seasons : A Spider's Perspective

Role: Producer Sound Designer  / Programmer
ETC - Round 4 BVW (Building Virtual Worlds) Project -Story Round
Engine: Unity3D
Development Time: 4 weeks
Platform: Playstation 3 Move 

The story round at ETC is somewhat different from other rounds in terms of goals. The aim of this round is to tell a story rather than gameplay or level design. The above video depicts the life of a spider and the impact of seasons on it. The spider lives on a tree and the change of seasons triggers falling of leaves. The spider tries hard to pick up falling leaves and bring them back on the tree.

For this project, the biggest challenge was drawing spider webs. It was a concept that was new and I took up the programming part for this. This is explained in detail below.

Seasons : Line Renderer For Drawing Spider Web

I drew lines from one game object to the other. But this did not give a feel of a spider web being drawn. So I decided to throw in an extra condition. If the spider tries to draw a web near an already existing location (at a distance of 1 unit) then draw a line to join that object with the current position.  The video below shows it's working.

The Munchies

Role: Producer Sound Designer
ETC - Round 3 BVW (Building Virtual Worlds) Project
Engine: Unity3D
Development Time: 1 week
Platform: Jam -O- Drum

This game was built as a part of the lightning round in the BVW class. The aim of the game is simple- have fun! I generally tend to program and add a feature for the other rounds. But being one week, I did not want to complicate things with for the lead programmer. My roles were limited to providing tech support to the programmer, testing the game, helping trigger animations at the right time. 

The mechanic of this game is simple, eat cheese-> avoid traps -> poop to slow down other mice. The video below will show you how much fun the players had.

Whack The Zombies

Role: Producer / Lead Programmer/ Sound Designer
Engine: Unity3D
Development Time: 2 weeks
Platform: Playstation 3 Move
ETC - Round 2 BVW (Building Virtual Worlds) Project

This game was built as a part of the naive guest round in the BVW class. The game was built for naive users and the grades were based on whether the user could understand the game and play it comfortably or not. 

The mechanic of this game was naive guest friendly. Move by tilting the move controller front. Hold the trigger button and swing to whack a zombie.

The Bro Code

Role: Sound Designer / Programmer
Engine: Unity3D with Kinect wrapper
Development Time: 2 weeks
ETC - Round 1 BVW (Building Virtual Worlds) Project

This game was a part of the Building Virtual Worlds course at the Entertainment Technology Center. The assignment was to build an interactive world where the player is supposed to help one character who is afraid of another. This was a kinect based dance game with a storyline to suit the assignment. The development time was two weeks.
We set up triggers at various positions around the player. Everytime the animated model hit those triggers, a coroutine would start which would wait for 2 seconds. If the user hit that trigger within 2 seconds, the user would get credits for doing the step correctly. This was the basic logic of the game.

Markov Decision Process as a Framework for a Multi-Agent Game

Role: Programmer
Software used: Blender3D, Komodo IDE
Undergraduate Project

This engine was developed to test a reinforcement learning algorithm based on a soccer game. The aim was to develop an adaptive soccer AI to beat the opposition team. The task was completed by providing pre-defined strategies to the AI team. These pre-defined policies adapted according to the opposition team's gameplay. The coding was done in Python and some testing aspects were done in Komodo IDE.

The in-depth details on this project can be found in the following paper, which was selected for publication in 3 international conferences.

Indian Taxi - Android/iPhone

Role: Game Programming Intern
Engine: Unity3D
GoLive Gaming Solutions Ltd

This project is a simulator of the Indian taxi system with the map of an actual Indian city. My role in this project was to write an AI to manage the passengers according to the game logic and also writing scripts for the vehicle dynamics. The artwork was done by the GoLive team in 3DS Max and Maya. Indian Taxi has also been selected in the top 7 games in the Intel Ultrabook game developing competition. The finals will be held in September 2012. The above video is just a test build video and not the actual game.

Indian Taxi - Blackberry

A screenshot of the game environment.

Role: Research Intern
SDK: Eclipse for Blackberry

GoLive Gaming Solutions Ltd

This project was a blackberry adaption of the above project. Having been my first game development project, the blackberry platform was definitely a good place to start. Some earlier blackberry phones were not very gaming friendly devices and getting a sprite based game to render properly on it was a challenging task. My job was to research on certain development aspects and get back to the production team with my findings.

Stuff I figured during this period :

  1. How threads work in games - the game loop
  2. The importance of framerate and rendering in mobile games and how to effectively do it

ETC Round 0 Training Project

Role: Sound Designer / Programmer
Engine: Unity3D
Development Time: 1 day
ETC - Round 0 BVW (Building Virtual Worlds) Project 

The above project was done in a day's time as an introductory project. Since I was a sound designer in this phase, I took the liberty of making a sound based virtual world in that time span as well. The 3D models were already existing assets and my scripts concentrated on the AI of the other racing cars and radio feature of the game.