Tushar Arora

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This page contains details of projects currently under development. Most of these are non academic and are mainly for personal interests. 

Fun With Robots

Robot soccer and AI were my favorite topics in undergrad but I couldn't explore robots due to my coursework. This is actually a student taught course, I am taking to learn about Robots. I am using a Pololu 3pi robot ,Adruino and Orangutan USB programmer to do some really cool stuff. Footage of the projects will be online by next week.

The Photovore Experiment

Leap Motion Research

This platform needs no introduction. I just got hold of this on February 14th 2013. I plan to make a couple of games on this platform before the end of the semester. 

Ninja Poke

Role: Producer Level Designer / Programmer / Sound Designer
Engine: Unity3D
Development Time: 2 days
Platforms: Leap Motion + PC

This is a game made for Leap Motion device. I made this to test out its usability in gaming in different genre's of gaming. We all know the leap can replace a mouse and it would be awesome to play FPS games on it. So I wanted to check out how the feel would be. I also decided to test the field of depth instead of just the x-y plane like a mouse. The following video is a game where you not only look around with the leap motion but you also poke a Ninja by moving your finger towards the monitor. It was very funny to see people trying to poke a ninja from that distance.

Stuff I learnt:

  • The Unity Sandbox that comes with the Leap motion is very crude. 
  • It is equivalent to using multiple PS Move controllers while developing on Unity.
  • It is pretty accurate if you keep it at the right distance.
  • The detection of x,y,z is spot on. 
  • You need to have a gap between fingers else it recognizes only one finger.
  • This is more of an interaction device and less of a gaming device.

My next experiment would be an interaction with an exhibit. Will upload that soon.

Green Throttle Research

This is a beta platform I got hold of by contacting the developers. So what is Green Throttle? Its an app + controller combo which converts your mobile phone into a gaming platform. It may not be as powerful as the playstation 3 or the X-Box 360 but is dependent on the power of your mobile phone. The below video will give you a better idea of what it is.

What am I upto?

So I am currently porting one of my Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) project to work on this platform. More videos on this will be posted soon.